After the attack on him because of the Mansoura student.. Mabrouk Attia is retiring

After the attack on him because of the Mansoura student.. Mabrouk Attia is retiring

After a widespread attack on him following his statements regarding the killing and beheading of Naira Ashraf, a student in Mansoura , which some considered shocking, Dr. Mabrouk Attia, Professor of Islamic Law at Al-Azhar University, announced his retirement.

And he said in a live broadcast on his official Facebook page, that this meeting “may be the last with the audience,” adding, “I called it the last meeting, and for this reason I had to leave, and I may or may not return.”

He added, directing his speech to his followers: “Because it is the last meeting, let me speak with my ease, as we have learned that there are errors in the scientific research, which are the transmission from an intermediary source,” denying that he intended to offend the Mansoura student or criticizing her leaving her home before she was killed without a veil.

And Attia, in a shocking statement to the Egyptian community, which was shaken by the death of the Mansoura student, commented: “If your life is expensive, get out of your house by standing.”

And he added in a video clip on his personal page on the social networking site “Facebook”: “The woman and the girl wear a veil in order to live, and wear loose clothing because you are deceived. The one who makes me run

These statements sparked widespread anger in Egypt , which prompted the National Council for Women to submit an official communication to the Attorney General, today, Wednesday, against the preacher. Dr. Maya Morsi, head of the National Council for Women, considered that what was said by the preacher is contempt for women and incitement to violence and murder against her, which is a crime punishable by law, stressing that there is no tolerance in what was published. Maya Morsi expressed her deep sadness over the death of the student, Naira Ashraf, asking: With what sin did this girl die? She prays to God to bless her with his mercy, denouncing the video that was published by Dr. Attia, and stressing that such words do not come from a cleric.