Ahmed Abu Hashima to Al Arabiya: These are the best investment opportunities right now

The Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima said that he was ahead of his time in constructing an environmentally friendly iron factory in Egypt several years ago. Years, while the world is currently heading towards an environmental catastrophe at rocket speed, as a result of an increase in the carbon dioxide rate by 50% after the industrial revolution. , that Egypt will organize the twenty-seventh United Nations Conference on Climate Change COP27 next November, and the world is forced to follow the path of renewable and smart energy. Environmentally friendly and smart in cooperation with the Arab Organization for Industrialization and an Emirati company, especially since Egypt has 600,000 motorcycles that pollute the environment, and there are instructions in Egypt to go to renewable and environmentally friendly energy. The best areas of investment, Ahmed Abu Hashima said, that he entered into fields other than iron and cement, adding that investment in the food security sector has become very important after the Corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine, as well as investment in education and health. He added that he works in other investments It will be announced soon after its completion.

Abu Hashima stressed that Egypt has many opportunities for investment now compared to the decline in investment opportunities in the world, and while the problem was in the procedures, but the last three months witnessed a real stimulus from The government is for investors from inside and outside, in implementation of the instructions of the political leadership to provide great and real facilities to investors.

Regarding the size of his wealth, the Egyptian businessman said that he invests every pound with him, and he does not know the size of his wealth due to Due to the difference in the assessment of assets and projects, indicating that success requires boldness in investing, employing thousands of workers, building factories and participating in success, which represents happiness unparalleled in billions. Waking up early and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are among the most important reasons for his success, in addition to honoring parents and doing good deeds.

Abu Hashima had said in the first part of the interview that he had reached the top in the industry Iron before selling “Egyptian Iron”, noting that he was not subjected to any pressure to exit the field of iron, but considered it a profitable deal.

He stated that his experience in the field of investment in Lam was positive in all respects, and his exit from the field was not under pressure as some claim, indicating that when the appropriate opportunity came to exit, he did so.