Al-Qaeda admits losing one of its leaders in Yemen, a month after his death

Al-Qaeda admits losing one of its leaders in Yemen, a month after his death

Al-Qaeda terrorist organization acknowledged the killing of one of its field commanders in Yemen, more than a month after his killing in Shabwa Governorate

“Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula” mourned in a statement, which was circulated by activists on social media, the leader in its ranks, “Younis Muhammad Awad Malaki Al-Qa'ari,” Known kinematically as “Abu Ali al-Shabwani”, without mentioning the circumstances and place of his death.

Terrorist leader Younis al-Qa'ari was killed last May 11 in the city of Ataq (the capital of Shabwa governorate), during His attempt to carry out a terrorist attack , after Al-Qaeda escalated its attacks in coordination with the Houthi militia, in response to the formation of the Presidential Command Council, according to the Yemeni newspaper, “Al-Shari’.”

Security sources said at the time that Al-Qa’a’uri clashed with Shabwa Defense forces while besieging him to arrest him while he was on a bus in downtown Ataq. He was killed during the clash, which also resulted in the death of a soldier and the wounding of another

According to the sources, Younis Al-Qa’ari is one of the most dangerous elements recruited by the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda more than 10 years ago inRadhum District, Shabwa Governorate, where he was active in the local community, disguised as a nom de guerre and with a false identity, trying to infiltrate the tribes. From the security services, taking advantage of his tribal assets, and participated in a number of terrorist and sabotage operations, including some attacks on oil and gas supplies and pipelines in Shabwa, in coordination with the Houthi group recently. In addition, 5 soldiers were killed and at least 5 others were wounded, on Wednesday, in a terrorist attack that targeted a security checkpoint at the entrance to the city of Ataq, the center of Shabwa governorate. Gunmen believed to belong to al-Qaeda, riding in two cars, launched a surprise attack on a checkpoint at the eastern entrance to Ataq city, where soldiers from the Shabwa Defense Forces are stationed. Five soldiers were killed and at least five others were wounded, four of them seriously.

The source stated that security forces managed to kill two attacking elements, in addition to damaging a car in which the attacking terrorists were traveling during They try to escape, after The attack in Wadi Sadr.

The dead soldiers were: Ayman Omar Muhammad Al-Qahih Al-Awlaki, Muhammad Awad Khairan Mjilba Al-Awlaki, Muhammad Salih Al-Daba` Al-Barassi, Ali Muhammad Ahmad Al-Diyani, and Muhammad Nasser Al-Qaiti.