All oppression in a picture… the wife of a Yemeni journalist dumps waste in Sana'a

All oppression in a picture… the wife of a Yemeni journalist dumps waste in Sana'a

In an unspeakable tragedy, a picture of the wife of a Yemeni journalist has been on social media during the past hours, after the woman appeared collecting empty metal cans from the streets to sell and collect her daily food.

The photo caused a sensation, especially among journalists who expressed their pain at the harshness of the scene.

They circulated the photo through their Facebook accounts, with painful comments What has reached the reality of the state of the press in their country due to the dominance of the Houthis .

“With heartache”

And someone wrote: “Your heart aches when you see this woman collecting empty water cans for sale, but your heart breaks when you discover that she is the wife of a colleague in the Revolution Foundation for the Press.

While another added: “This woman works to carry this huge amount of empty water cans in order to sell them, which is something that has become a regular and recurring thing that we see almost daily because of the war, but what What hurts more is that she is the wife of a colleague of ours, and we turn a blind eye to him and his difficult situation and circumstance.

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In addition, the comments described the picture as painful and painful, stressing that it reveals the reality of journalists and the circumstances they are going through. It is difficult because of the armed militias’ control over the institutions and the media.

They also pointed out that the press did not lose a number of journalists who were killed or wounded, but there are also those who are in the cellars of detention centers in Houthi prisons.

The tragedies of journalists do not stop. 1000 journalists from the capital, Sana’a, while many others left the journalistic work and replaced it with other free ones for fear of Houthi oppression.

While this was not the only story, since the Houthi coup, dozens of similar stories have spread.