Because of exams.. “grain” kills an Egyptian student again

Because of exams.. “grain” kills an Egyptian student again

Once again overlooking the Egyptians the poisonous grain in a new suicide incident, today, Wednesday, in Gharbia Governorate, where a student in Al-Azhar secondary school ate it for the purpose of committing suicide, due to a psychological crisis that coincided with a period Examinations at the end of the academic year.

A report was issued on the incident by the security services at the Al-Santa Police Station, and the Public Prosecution Office was notified of the investigation, which decided to assign the forensic medicine to an autopsy, to indicate the cause of death and to authorize her burial, and quickly demanded investigations Investigations regarding the incident and knowing its circumstances.

The Director of Al Gharbia Security had received a notification from the Al-Santa Hospital Police Station, of the arrival of a girl in her twenties, residing in the village of “Mitt Yazid” of the Central District, suffering from fatigue Severe vomiting after eating the grain, and the doctors could not help her upon her arrival at the hospital, where she breathed her last.

What is a poisonous grain?

It is worth noting that the “poisonous grain” is a pill known to farmers in Egypt, and it appears in the form of tablets that enter Egypt officially as an authorized insecticide and are used to preserve most of the different types of grain and grains from decay and Insects and harmful pests during the storage process, after the harvest season, and the price of one tablet is one pound.

The danger of these tablets is due to the release of highly toxic “phosphine gas”, a gas that has no treatment or antidote For him, 500 mg of this compound is enough to kill a human being within one hour, and the tablet circulating in the market is “1 gram”, which is twice the lethal dose.