“Close the shops”..Bazaar protests continue in Iran

“Close the shops”..Bazaar protests continue in Iran

protests continue “Bazaars” in several cities in Iran , since last Sunday, in light of the deteriorating economic and living crisis in the country.

Today, traders have left in the city of Khorramabad, the capital of Lorestan Province, in the west of the country. Wednesday, to demonstrate against the rise in taxes and the collapse of the local currency.

Merchants of the city of Fasa in the Fars governorate in the south of the country also joined them. The city of Elam (west) also witnessed the closure of shops.

High taxes

There were several protests in the “bazaars” of Arak, Kazeroon, Minab and Isfahan, yesterday, Tuesday, due to the high taxes imposed on the private sector on the one hand, and the severe collapse of the Iranian currency. Mobile phone merchants in the city of Najafabad in the province of Isfahan store their stores, in protest against the fluctuation of the dollar price and the high tax rates.

On Monday, the Amin district of central Tehran witnessed a mass protest march for the bazaar merchants, who were subjected to repression by the security forces, according to Al-Arabiya information.

Inflation and Poverty

These demonstrations come as the country is experiencing a rise in prices and taxes. While the price of the dollar recorded a remarkable rise, and reached a historical record, it reached 33 thousand tomans last Sunday (12 June), which sparked the protests.

As for the currency Iran has lost 25% of its value against the US dollar, since the beginning of the Iranian solar Hijri year (starting on March 21). While the official inflation rate in the country reached about 40 percent, while it exceeded 50 percent in some estimates.

While more than half of the population of 82 million people live below the poverty line.