Commentary Ignite a Fire..Former Iraqi MP “The Sons of Mosul are ISIS”

Commentary Ignite a Fire..Former Iraqi MP “The Sons of Mosul are ISIS”

After his statements sparked widespread controversy in Iraqi circles, a security source reported the issuance of an arrest warrant against former Iraqi MP Joseph Sliwa, on charges of offending

the people of Mosul .

The source explained that the memorandum was issued against the deputy based on a judicial complaint submitted by the representative of Nineveh Governorate, Basma Bassem, against the background of a publication that she considered offensive, which he wrote through his account.

While the accused deputy denied his intention to offend, but rather saw that the complainant's deputy did not make any achievements and should not To be a hero at his expense, as he put it.

“Do not be a hero at my expense”

And he said: “He who does not present achievements to his people should not be a hero with the head of Joseph Sliwa.”

Sliwa also stressed that he did not accuse the residents of Mosul of “dawasha”, but rather said ISIS was launched from Mosul, and there is still some ISIS ideology among some of the city’s residents, according to a statement to the same agency. Competent attorney sued the previous attorney Joseph Sliwa, against the background of his insult to the Islamic religion and the residents of Mosul. It is noteworthy that the “Pray Pray” post on Facebook sparked widespread controversy on social media among Iraqis, as some considered it very offensive to the residents of Mosul. An official statement of the Mosul Families and Families Council, these statements. In a statement, he demanded that the deputy be legally prosecuted, considering that his statements seek to stir up sectarian strife.

In turn, the Iraqi Journalists Union in Nineveh denounced the offensive statements, and considered them to have an ideological intent meant to distort The image of the fraternal spectrum of Nineveh’s nationalities, religions and sects, according to his statement as well.

Nineveh Governor Najm al-Jubouri also denounced, through a statement, Sliwa’s comment, saying that it aims to cause a rift between the people of Mosul and forgets what They made sacrifices in the face of terrorism.

Al-Jubouri also warned against such statements and considered them irresponsible and their negative repercussions on stability and deterrence of terrorism. It is noteworthy that Sliwa, in his controversial publication, demanded that the Prophet Yunus Mosque be converted into a museum, because it contains Assyrian antiquities, a synagogue, a church for Christians, and then a mosque, considering the archaeological site belonging to all components of the Iraqi people with all their names and not to a specific group.

He also considered that the terrorist organization ISIS originated from Mosul and that its ideology is rooted in it, which provoked widespread anger.