Families of the victims of the Ukrainian plane criticize Canada .. “We will not forgive Tehran and we will not forget”

Families of the victims of the Ukrainian plane criticize Canada .. “We will not forgive Tehran and we will not forget”

A spokesperson for the Association of the Families of the

victims of the Ukrainian passenger plane shot down by Iran criticized Hamid Esmailyoun at the meeting of the Affairs Committee Foreign Ministry held Tuesday in the Canadian Parliament, the Canadian government “lack” in responding to the Iranian government's threats to the families of the victims.

said the Ismailis, who lost his wife and daughter in the downing of a Ukrainian plane by Revolutionary Guards missiles. The Iranian, that Tehran threatens the families of the victims of Flight 752 “inside Iran and in Canada, but the Canadian government has not yet taken a concrete position to confront these pressures.”

Hamid Ismailyoun

Hamed Ismailoun was speaking at a meeting of the International Working Group on Human Rights of the Subcommittee on Foreign Affairs and International Development in the Canadian Parliament, which was held regarding the human rights situation people in Iran. He said that the Canadian government's “cautious approach” to pursuing the case “caused the frustration and despair of the families of the victims and the Canadian people.” “Human,” stressing that the Revolutionary Guards “deliberately” fired missiles at Flight 752. It took off from the runway of Tehran International Airport on January 18, 2020, killing all 177 people on board. The Islamic Republic of Iran's report on the plane crash was only intended to confuse.” An American military station in Ain al-Assad, Iraq, in response to the killing of Qassem Soleimani in an American drone strike on January 3, 2020 near Baghdad Airport.

And 600 days after the crash , a S The Military Prosecutor’s Office in Tehran served a notice to the families of prosecutors in Iran that the Supreme National Security Council, the Revolutionary Guards, the Integrated Air Defense Network, the Passive Defense System, the Revolutionary Guard Air Force, and the Iranian Civil Aviation Authority would not be prosecuted.

Meanwhile, the parents of Mohammad Hussein and Zainab Asadi Lari, two of the victims, told “Sharq” newspaper on the second anniversary of the downing of the plane, that the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Hossein Salami, visited them forty days after the downing of the plane. plane and said, “You know? If this had not happened (the plane was shot down), then what war was waiting for us? He added, “If this had not happened, tens of millions of people would have been killed, but this incident prevented the outbreak of war.” : “The Islamic Republic has put the families of the victims in Iran under severe psychological pressure and physical torture, and the report issued by Human Rights Watch in May 2021, refers to the physical torture of the families, and I can assure you that this behavior was repeated on a large scale in Iran during interrogations. Repeatedly.”

“Even the families of Afghan passengers who live in Iran are under severe pressure from the Iranian government,” said a spokesman for the Association of Families of Victims of Flight 752.

After nearly two years of negotiations between Ukrainian and Canadian officials with Tehran, the Cooperation Group for the countries concerned with this file announced in January 2022, officially that it had stopped negotiating with Iran and would continue from now on. Victims killed through international channels.

At the end of his five-minute speech at the meeting of the Human Rights Working Group of the Canadian Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Hamed E. reiterated Smailon on behalf of the families of the victims of Flight 752: “We will not forgive and we will not forget.”