In order to combat superstition..Yemeni youth break into haunted houses in the jinn

In order to combat superstition..Yemeni youth break into haunted houses in the jinn

Yemeni activists launched the hashtag #Illusion_Challenge_Team in Sana'a, with the aim of combating the myths and legends associated with haunted houses, especially in the capital, Sana'a. They are raised about those abandoned houses, by entering these buildings and living in them, to prove that there are no jinns in them.

This, and some young people from the Illusion Challenge team visited a house in the Al-Abhar neighborhood in the area Old Sana’a, about which doubts were raised recently about the presence of the jinn inside, and coordination with its owner has already taken place before announcing to the general public that they will enter it. It is rumored and circulated from stories, myths and legends about this building is completely untrue.

Disgusting stories to reduce the real estate price

On the other hand, there are still many places in Sana’a, as well as in a number of Yemeni governorates, that contain abandoned and empty buildings and houses on their thrones, and their real estate price has decreased and people are alienated from them, because of what has been done It circulated from stories and tales about it being inhabited.

بيت يتم تداول أنه مسكون بالجن في منطقة صنعاء القديمة

بيت يتم تداول أنه مسكون بالجن في منطقة صنعاء القديمة

A house that is circulated as haunted by jinn in the old Sana’a area

عمارة الجن في جولة سبأ بصنعاء

The Jinn Building in Sheba Tour in Sana’a

Documenting tangible and audible phenomena

In turn, the activists emphasized moving forward in achieving the goal of the initiative through this challenge, in combating myth and illusion, addressing an announcement to all homeowners And the buildings that are rumored to be inhabited by the jinn, that they are ready to enter and live in them, and provide a service to their owners according to the terms and requirements of the team, and broadcast videos from their corridors. in several areas. And the team’s entry into these places will not be limited to denying the myth that the jinn live in them only, but the team will provide scientific and practical logical explanations for any phenomena that may occur in these places during the team’s presence there, whether these phenomena are tangible or audible.

This, and the Illusion Challenge team directed an appeal to the brothers of home and building owners who suffer from the problems mentioned above and who wish to verify or deny everything rumors about their homes to contact the Illusion Killing Initiative team.

Denying a centuries-old myth about a well in Hadhramaut

The Illusion Challenge initiative comes in the wake of the revelation of a myth that swirled around the Barhout well in Hadhramaut, which the Omani cave exploration team went down to and denied its myth And its legend, which lasted for several centuries, that there is a prison for the jinn inside, as is the case with many places around which people still circulate many legends and stories related to the jinn and the like.

In addition, activists cited examples of housing and buildings in the capital, Sana’a, most notably the ominous architecture in the Sheba tour, which frightened its residents, after they heard stories about them. Fearful heads made many citizens question the reality of the building and its events. According to residents nearby, the events of these stories take place in a building located behind the Agricultural Credit Bank “CAC Bank” located near Sheba Roundabout, north of the capital, Sana’a. The building consists of approximately 4 to 5 floors, and it is still deserted.

Many Yemenis circulated stories about people who slept in them and got western things to them, and among the stories circulated that many of those who slept in the aforementioned building They got up in the morning while they were outside. Because of the stories that were circulated about the relationship of the jinn with architecture, it remained deserted for a long time, and no one dared to rent it.

Commenting on this challenge, Yemenis joked about rumors of buildings inhabited by jinn, and said that With the influx of displaced people, they inhabited all the buildings inhabited by jinn and men, and there was no deserted house left in the midst of war, poverty, the high cost of living and high rent homes. )