Israeli intelligence warns its citizens not to leave their hotels in Istanbul

Israeli intelligence warns its citizens not to leave their hotels in Istanbul

Israeli intelligence warned its citizens who are in Turkey not to leave their hotel rooms.

A statement by the Israeli intelligence spoke on Friday night to Saturday, The existence of Iranian plans to target Israeli citizens in the hotels in which they are staying in Istanbul.

Prior to that, the Israeli Channel 12 revealed new details about the frustration of Israel and Turkey “Iranian plots” against Israelis in Istanbul during the past two weeks.

According to the channel, among the frustrating operations were a plot to shoot and kidnapping attempts. The report also confirmed that a number of people involved in these actions are Turkish and Iranian citizens.

The channel quoted some Israeli tourists as saying that a number of people in Istanbul were invited to restaurants or for a tour.

Ankara had warned Iran that it would not allow Turkish territory to become a base for operations against Israel. The Israeli government said that the Israeli security services believe that Iranian cells are still present in Turkey.

The Israeli government has warned its citizens that Iranian agents are ready to kidnap or kill Israelis traveling to Turkey.

And on Thursday, security sources in Tel Aviv said that the security services (the army and intelligence) issued orders to tourists in Turkey, who hold the rank of officer and above, to return immediately to Israel, in At a time when tens of thousands of Israeli tourists refused their government's request to leave Turkey immediately, after revealing an Iranian plan to kidnap and assassinate. Text with his name and number He is in military service, including a notification that his presence in Turkey is no longer legal, and he must return to his country immediately.

The Israeli authorities had announced “hot warnings of the presence of an Iranian cell on Turkish soil.” It plans to carry out kidnappings or killings of the Israelis in retaliation for the assassination of a number of scientists and officers in the Revolutionary Guards.

Israel said that Turkish intelligence arrested the cell, and verified its intentions accurately. The counter-terrorism team in the National Security Council directly affiliated with the Israeli Prime Minister issued a warning of the third degree of danger, demanding that every Israeli in Turkey leave, and if he is obliged to stay there, he must be careful and not show his Israeli identity.

But these measures led to the cancellation of hundreds of Israeli tourist trips to Turkey, without affecting the tourists in Turkey. So there are only a few of them left. And all the Hebrew media sent crews to meet with these people on Turkish soil and find out the reason for their refusal to implement the instructions. They gave answers of various directions, including that “as long as they arrested the members of the Iranian cell, why should we leave?”, and “Who will compensate us for travel expenses? The companies refuse to invalidate the flights and return the money”, and “Who said that the security situation in Turkey is more dangerous than the situation in Israel? We feel safer here than we feel in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.”

There was a minority holding a different opinion; She cut short her trip and returned to the country. Among them was an Israeli citizen from Tel Aviv who claimed to have been kidnapped in Istanbul, but managed to escape from the kidnappers and escape to the hotel.