Paraguay: The captain of the plane seized in Argentina belongs to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards

Paraguay: The captain of the plane seized in Argentina belongs to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards

The director of Paraguay's intelligence service announced, on Friday, that one of the people who was carrying

the seized plane and stationed near Buenos Aires, has links to the “Quds Force” of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, contradicting the Argentine government's narrative. The matter is not a similarity between the names of the captain and a member of the Quds Force, bearing the name of Gholam Reza Qassemi, but the same person.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard is included in the US list of terrorist organizations.

Aquino contradicted in his statements the account of Argentine Security Minister Anibal Fernandez, who said this week that the plane was not carrying any members of the Quds Force. Fernandez told a press conference, Wednesday, that “nothing other than this similarity in the names” was found. She has been kept in custody since last Wednesday in Argentina, after she arrived from Mexico with car spare parts. Ban its crew members from leaving the country while the judiciary investigates their background, in particular any possible connection to the Revolutionary Guards.

The passports of the Iranian crew members were seized first, then the Venezuelans, but they were free to Entry and departure from their hotel near Ezeiza Airport in Buenos Aires.

On Monday, Argentina spoke of a suspected connection between the flight and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

( And on Tuesday, Paraguay announced that it had information that seven of the crew members of the plane that landed on its territory in May are members of the Quds Force. “Mahan Air” flew by a Venezuelan company more than a year ago.

Washington accuses the Iranian company of supporting the Quds Force, an elite unit in the Revolutionary Guards charged with “foreign operations” and is on the list The black American plane belongs to “foreign terrorist organizations.”

The plane had landed in Argentina on June 6, coming from Mexico. And when she tried, two days later, to go to Uruguay, she was not allowed to enter, so she went back to Argentina, where she was prevented from flying. “Official warning issued by Paraguayan intelligence.”