Pensions not over, introduction of global system: Timur Saleem quarrel

Pensions not over, introduction of global system: Timur Saleem quarrel

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister of Health and Finance Timur Saleem Jhagra gave an exclusive interview to Independent Urdu I have said that we have not abolished pension from the province but are bringing world class system.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly yesterday approved pension A law has been passed by the Assembly to introduce a new system under which government employees recruited after July this year will not be given pensions under the existing pension laws.

When asked why you have abolished the pension, he replied that the pension has not been abolished but the pension system in most countries of the world, we Khyber.

This new system will be called 'Contribution Fund' in which an employee will contribute some money from his salary to a government fund.

Jhagra said of the new system, “If an employee has a salary of 50,000, the government will add 5,000 employees and up to 7,000 to the fund.” And the government invested in this fund

The quarrel over the new system further said that it would not even take 25 years for the employee. He will have to wait for the pension till he can withdraw his pension fund from the government in any period of employment.

District Health Centers How will the new system be?

The provincial government has also passed another bill from the last assembly under which the district headquarters hospital, The Regional Headquarters Hospital and other primary health centers will be empowered.

Can't manage. Under this new law, a regional health authority will be established.

Under the new law, there will be an authority for each district or different districts headed by a head.

'A similar law is applicable in the major hospitals of the province which is called Medical Teaching Institute and its hospitals. Improvement has played a significant role in recent years Is.'

In the past, the MTI Act has been criticized by critics and some doctors, and critics believe that it has opened the door to political interference because The MTI Act is a kind of private setup but is funded by the government to large hospitals.

The whole system of districts will be overseen by a Board of Governors. ۔ There is also a show in the new act that a board member can be removed by the Chief Minister without any reason.

There is no political interference. In response, he said that wrong political interference is possible not only in MTI but everywhere and it should not happen.

'Minister The higher should have this option so that if the board does not do the right thing, it can be held accountable. '

on PTI Accused of using government resources

The quarrel was asked if Imran Khan and the entire leadership of the party sat in Peshawar In response to this, he said that if Peshawar became the center of the country's politics for a few days, then what is wrong with it?

Wheat Crisis

Flour Interview Referring to the crisis, he further said that since Punjab is self-sufficient in wheat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa buys wheat from them but the PML-N government stops this supply.

Jhagra claimed that 76% of the country's wheat grows in Punjab because the lands there are flat while most of the lands in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are in hilly areas due to which the wheat crop grows less.

Jhagra said, “Every year we used to buy wheat from Sindh and Punjab, but now the imported government and Shahbaz Sharif's son in Punjab are obstructing the delivery of wheat to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.”

'What kind of government is this that a province where everything is in large quantities, then it behaves like this with another province?'

Timur Saleem Jhagra added, “Now that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa generates more electricity, it does not mean that we will cut off Punjab's electricity because the law of the land is that where If there is some abundance, then it is in other provinces Will be sent. '