Steve Smith praises Pakistani bowlers' 'reverse swing'

Steve Smith praises Pakistani bowlers' 'reverse swing'
پاکستان میں کھیلنے کے لیے ٹیمپو بنانے اور صبر دکھانے کی ضرورت ہوتی ہے: آسٹریلوی بیٹر—فوٹو فائل
Playing in Pakistan requires tempo and patience: Australian Better — Photo File

Australian batsman Steve Smith bowled Pakistani bowlers Has praised the reverse swing.

Steve Smith in Pakistan Talking to media persons about the experience of the game, he said that he faced a reverse swing in the Test series against Pakistan.

“When I came to bat, the ball was swinging a lot, I guess the next ball is going to be a very reverse swing,” he said.

Steve said: “I think reverse swing was the hardest thing to do. The way the pitches are in Pakistan, the ball swings a lot.”

The Australian batsman added that bowlers like fast bowlers Shaheen Afridi and Hassan Ali are very good for these pitches. Playing in Pakistan requires tempo and patience, shots with new hair Can be played as I did in the third Test. '

He said: Then the swing starts, when the ball swings then you have to deviate from your plan. In Pakistan, I played according to my plans but could not score centuries'


Steve Smith said “I could not play more aggressively in Pakistan, I have improved my understanding to play spinners.”

Remember that this year, 24 years later, the Australian team has won three Tests, three ODIs and She came on a historic tour of Pakistan to play a T20 International match.