The Houthis deploy naval mines in the vicinity of Safer… and a human rights warning of a catastrophe

The Houthis deploy naval mines in the vicinity of Safer… and a human rights warning of a catastrophe

An independent Yemeni human rights observatory revealed, on Monday, that the Houthi militia has deployed naval mines in the vicinity of the Safer oil tank, which holds more than one million barrels of crude oil, threatening to leak because it has not been subject to maintenance for years, which warns of the worst environmental disaster in the world. History.

The Yemeni Landmine Monitor warned, in a tweet on its Twitter page, that the collision of one of these mines with the dilapidated floating tank would cause a major disaster for Yemen and the countries bordering the Red Sea.

He added: “The Houthis have deployed naval mines by hand-throwing and other methods, in large areas in the Red Sea, including the area around the Safer oil tank.” These mines are in the dilapidated floating tank, where a great disaster will befall Yemen and the riparian countries.

The Yemeni government has repeatedly warned of the dangerous and unprecedented threat that Houthi naval mines have become to the safety of commercial ships and the security of navigation in international lanes in The Red Sea and the Bab al-Mandab Strait.

The naval mines planted by the Houthi militia have also caused the deaths of dozens of people.

As a result of these mines, the fishing movement has stopped in many areas, which has affected thousands of families who depend on the fishing profession.

In the context, The United Nations renewed its warning that an oil spill from the Safer Reservoir would lead to a humanitarian and economic environmental disaster in the Red Sea. The statement added that this spill would lead to permanent environmental damage and profound economic costs across the region.

The statement pointed out that donors contributed $40 million to implement the pre-prepared UN plan to avoid the disaster, noting that there is an urgent need for more support to actually start implementing the plan before it is too late, calling for its support to avoid the leakage process.

Earlier, Saudi Arabia announced the provision of 10 million US dollars to contribute to confronting the existing threat from the oil tanker “Safer” anchored in the coast of the Saudi Sea. Ahmar, north of the Yemeni city of Hodeidah.

A statement by the King Salman Relief Center confirmed that the Kingdom had warned on more than one occasion that in the event of oil leakage from the “Safer” tanker, which contains more than one million barrels and has not been maintained since In 2015, the world will witness the largest environmental disaster that threatens life under water, fish wealth and biodiversity as a result of the oil spill.

Saudi Arabia urged the United Nations to quickly take the necessary measures to ensure the prevention of oil leakage and transfer it to a safe place or benefit from it for the benefit of the people The Yemeni brotherhood, and calls on the international community to contribute urgently to support this initiative and prevent a serious environmental catastrophe. 6 miles from the Yemeni coast, an explosion or leakage from the Safer oil tanker may cause one of the most dangerous oil spill disasters in history, according to a study conducted by Greenpeace Research Laboratories.

The United Nations postponed the visit of its team of experts More than once after the Houthis retreated and reneged on their pledges to allow the team to maintain and empty the floating tank, to avoid the occurrence of An unparalleled environmental disaster for the region, while the Yemeni government accuses the militia of using the reservoir as a “political blackmail” card.