They dig one grave after another..a video of mass graves in Afghanistan

They dig one grave after another..a video of mass graves in Afghanistan

After the death toll rose to more than 1,000 as a result of the powerful earthquake that hit a remote border area in southeast Afghanistan night Tuesday, Wednesday, people mourning the horror of the calamity began burying their loved ones.

During the past hours, painful scenes of Afghan citizens digging mass graves to bury the dead who fell under the rubble have spread, while it is expected that The death toll is rising even more, especially since among the 1,500 wounded, serious injuries.

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In the context, Muhammad Amin Hudhaifa, Head of Information and Culture in Paktika Province, said in a message to the press, “The death toll has reached a thousand, and this number is rising.”

He also added That “people dig grave after grave.”

The most deadly earthquake

Further, he said, “All the houses in Paktika are destroyed, there are no tents or food, and some people are still trapped under the rubble.”

In turn, the United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in Afghanistan, Ramiz Al-Akbarov, announced in a press conference yesterday that nearly two thousand homes were destroyed in the earthquake, adding that the lack of equipment has slowed relief operations. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called on the international community to “help support hundreds of families affected by this disaster” at a time when the country is already suffering “from the effects of years of conflict, economic hardship and hunger”, according to what AFP reported. (It is noteworthy that this earthquake, which is considered the most deadly in Afghanistan in more than two decades, with a magnitude of 5.9, occurred at a depth of 10 kilometers at approximately 1.30 hrs near the border with Pakistan, according to the US Seismological Institute.

Earthquakes often strike northern Afghanistan, especially the vicinity of the Hindu Kush mountain range, where the Eurasian and Indian tectonic plates collide. The modern history of the country February 1998 in the Wilayat of Takhar (northeast) and at the time claimed the lives of about 4,500 people.