US reports: Iran is digging a network of tunnels south of Natanz

US reports: Iran is digging a network of tunnels south of Natanz

For months, Israeli and US intelligence officials watched Iran as it digs a vast network of tunnels just south of the Natanz nuclear site, Tehran's largest effort yet to build new nuclear facilities deep in the mountains. , so that it can withstand huge bombs and electronic attacks, according to the New York Times report. Although the construction is visible in satellite imagery and has been monitored by groups that track the spread of new nuclear facilities, Biden administration officials have not spoken about it publicly, and Israel's defense minister mentioned it only once, in a single sentence in a speech last month.


In interviews with officials National Security In both countries, there were clearly divergent interpretations of how the Iranians intended to use the site and the urgency of the threat it posed. middle next month, It is a trip that will take him to Israel and Saudi Arabia, and most likely the Iranian nuclear file will be at the fore in discussions in both countries.

According to most accounts, Iran is closer to being able to produce a bomb today than ever before. Another in its two-decade nuclear program . On Biden's trip, the issue of taking tougher measures to stop Iran, as the United States and Israel have tried before, will be high on the agenda.

The International Atomic Energy Agency said earlier this month that the country is just weeks away from being able to enrich enough fuel for a single nuclear bomb. , from Tehran's ability to install new centrifuges and forced it to ship 97% of its nuclear fuel outside the country. Biden's rejection of Iran's demand to remove the Revolutionary Guards from the list of terrorist organizations, along with the flow of new oil revenues to Tehran, contributed to the deadlock in the talks. More than a year, but they are not worried because it is still several years away from completion.