Washington eye on Israel's plans against Iran's militia

Washington eye on Israel's plans against Iran's militia

An American report revealed that Israel is secretly coordinating with the United States regarding many of the air strikes it is carrying out in Syria, The Allies face a battlefield crowded with armed groups, Iranian-backed militia, and foreign armies, according to current and former US officials who told the US Wall Street Journal. The Israeli bombing missions, which were aimed at stopping the flow of Iranian advanced weapons to the Lebanese Hezbollah, and reducing the Iranian military forces and its proxies in Syria.

But behind the scenes many Israeli missions were reviewed several years in advance for approval by senior officials in US Central Command and the Pentagon. , according to current and former officials.

The United States aims to ensure that Israeli air strikes do not interfere with the U.S.-led military campaign against ISIS militants whose self-declared caliphate has been destroyed but They were trying to return.

Official coordination has not been reported before, and the secrecy surrounding it shows how Washington sought to support its Israeli ally without being drawn into Israel's shadow war against Iran.

The vast majority of those Israeli air strikes were approved by the United States. The US military does not help the Israelis in determining their goals. Officials say that the United States does not review all the Israeli operations that were carried out in Syria.

Another US defense official stated: “In northeastern Syria and near Al-Tanf, the US mission is only ensuring the enduring defeat of ISIS, working with our local partners, and we will not discuss the details of the steps we are taking to reduce the risks to our forces and the mission.”

Iran has already sought to pressure the United States to persuade the Israelis to reduce their strikes by targeting the American base in Syria, and in October Iran directed a drone attack on the al-Tanf barracks, and officials concluded The Americans indicated that it came in response to an Israeli attack on Iranian elements, and no Americans were injured in that raid. throughout the region and build their influence in it.