Watch… a Russian attack hit two oil tanks in Mykolaiv

As part of the second phase of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, which began targeting the east and south after the capital Kyiv, photos published by a local emergency service revealed today, Thursday, that a Russian missile attack caused damage to the area. Severe damage to at least two sunflower oil tanks at a terminal in the Ukrainian port of Mykolaiv on the Black Sea.

The photos showed Smoke rising from one of the tanks after the top of it was blown off due to the explosion.

Severe damage and blackness

The nearby tank, which was also severely damaged, appeared blackened by fire.

While the local emergency service did not reveal the name of the station, but the International Grain Trade Company Vitera announced yesterday Wednesday, that its station in Mykolaiv had caught fire after it was hit in an attack. In turn, the regional governor, Vitaly Kim, said that 7 Russian missiles had struck Mykolaiv yesterday.

It is noteworthy that the targeted port is one of the main Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea, which has been closed since the start of the Russian military operation on February 24.

and since its withdrawal from the vicinity of the capital, Kyiv. Last March, Moscow launched the second phase of its military operation, which it described as a mission, in the east and south of Ukraine. It will be a big deal for the Russians, especially since controlling it completely, especially after tightening their grip on the city of Mariupol in the southeast of the country, will open the land route easily between the east and the Crimea, which Russia annexed to its territory in 2014.