With empty tables, pensioner protests continue in Iran

With empty tables, pensioner protests continue in Iran

Iranian pensioners continue to protest against the economic situation, as hundreds took to the streets, today, Sunday, again in Several Iranian cities.

Dozens of video clips, circulated by activists on social media, showed protests in the cities of Ahvas, Rasht, Kermanshah, Shushtar, Arak, Sari, and Drod, Confused.

One of the clips from Kermanshah showed the protesters holding empty tables, according to what the “Iran International” network reported. Demonstrators of Ahvas, the region witnessing almost daily protests by social security retirees recently, also organized a mass gathering today, in which they demanded the resignation of the government. All this injustice”

In I see you, retirees protested the economic situation, chanting: “Yesterday’s warriors, today’s hungry.”

In Rasht, protesters gathered in front of the Social Security Administration building, chanting: “Woe to all this injustice.”

It is reported that retirees have organized repeated protests for months In the past, because of their low pensions, but the spark of protests Finally, it began on June 5, which is an official holiday in the country, as the government of Ibrahim Raisi announced on this day that it would increase the salaries of retirees by only 10%.

Also, teachers organized In recent weeks, large-scale protest rallies have taken place in different cities.

The objections of the two classes of Iran, Bazanistan, Social Security, Arak, Ahvaz, Shush, Shushtar, Rasht and Shahrhai, Deger Yakshanbeh 29 Khordad, filed an objection to the status of a living assistant and rights, Nachiz, opposite Aad Social insurance, a Kurdish rally and its slogan against the two governments of Sir Daand.


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June 19, 2022

Traders protest

Hundreds of merchants also protested the economic situation by closing their stores and gathering in cities different due to the high taxes on the private sector.

While the Iranian security forces faced most of these protests with repression and the arrest of a number of union activists.

These demonstrations come at a time when the country is experiencing an increase in prices and taxes, while the price of the dollar recorded a remarkable increase, and reached a historical record, which amounted to 33,000 tomans last Sunday (12 June), which sparked the protests.

As for the Iranian currency, it has lost 25% of its value against the US dollar since the beginning of the Iranian solar Hijri year (starting on March 21). While the official inflation rate in the country reached about 40 percent, while it exceeded 50 percent in some estimates. While more than half of the population of 82 million lives below the escape line.