Yemeni official: Grundberg bears responsibility for the Houthis' refusal to open Taiz roads

Yemeni official: Grundberg bears responsibility for the Houthis' refusal to open Taiz roads

The head of the Yemeni government’s negotiating team to open the main roads to Taiz Abdul Karim Shaiban confirmed, on Wednesday, that the Houthi group She insists on her opinion to open secondary roads that do not meet the needs of citizens in Taiz Governorate, southwest of Yemen.

Shaiban explained that the roads that the Houthis insist on opening are 150 years old and are old mountain roads. It is rugged and unsuitable for cars and vehicles to pass over it and is far from the city and residents of Taiz, according to what was reported by the “Yemen Monitor” website. Grundberg, at the same time holding the UN envoy responsible for taking a strong condemnation decision against the Houthis.

The head of the government delegation called on the international community to stand behind this decision and to impose sanctions against the Houthi group, as it is

He pointed out that the armistice is a complete and indivisible package that was signed by the government and the Houthis, including the opening of Taiz roads and then the rest of the provinces.

He added: “Al-Houthi is evading and wants to continue the siege of Taiz and use it as a card The Houthi militia formally informed the UN envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg, of its rejection of the revised proposal he presented at the conclusion of the second round of negotiations that It was held in Jordan.

According to the letter sent by the head of the Houthi Negotiations Committee regarding the opening of Taiz roads, Yahya Al-Razami to the office of the UN envoy, the militia affirmed its adherence to its unilateral proposal submitted before the second round of negotiations. Amman, and its rejection of Grundberg’s proposal.

The Houthi message added that the path proposed by the UN envoy (Asiqra-Softel) needs further study, and that it will be discussed in the next joint meeting.

The militia renewed its unilateral proposal to open the roads in two phases. The first phase includes the opening of the (Salah-Abaar-Al-Sarmin-Al-Dimna-Al-Hawban-Sana’a line), and the Lahj-Aden road (Al-Shreh- Karsh-Al-Rahda-Al-Hawban-Sana’a line), while the second stage includes the fifty-sixtieth road, the air defense, the city of light, in exchange for the opening of the other side of the Al-Dhalea road (Maris-Damt). It is considered failure to reach an agreement Regarding the Houthis lifting the siege on the city of Taiz, a major threat to the continuation of the truce that has been in place since April and has been extended this month until next August. )