Yemeni president pledges remedies as protests escalate against poor services

Yemeni President Rashad Al-Alimi expressed, on Wednesday, his understanding of the peaceful protests that took place in the temporary capital, Aden, in his comment on the escalation of the wave of angry popular protests, denouncing the deterioration of electricity and water services and the deterioration of electricity and water services. Living conditions with the return of the collapse of the national currency exchange rate.

The Yemeni president pledged to make more efforts to obtain urgent exceptional aid to alleviate this stifling crisis in the electricity sector, which he said “needs To quick interventions away from all corruption, routine and bureaucracy.”

1- I followed painstakingly I have great interest in the popular protests in the beloved city of Aden, and I understand their causes and justifications, and I promise you that I and the members of the Presidential Leadership Council will make every effort to take everything that can be done.

— Dr. Rashad Muhammad Al-Alimi (@PresidentRashad) June 22, 2022

He said in tweets on his Twitter account, “All I ask of you is to give us more time to address the problem and overcome these complex crises.” Al-Alimi also expressed his great pain for the critical conditions experienced by the Yemeni people at all levels, since the Houthi militia backed by the Iranian regime blew up its ongoing war for the eighth year, as he put it. The presidential government can carry out its duties in a different way than it was in the past, so that the minister in it is an employee in the service of the people.” The Yemeni president expressed his understanding of the reasons and justifications for these protests, promising to work and members of the Presidential Leadership Council to make every effort to take everything that can be done to overcome these conditions. Abdul-Malik, that the economic situation will witness a breakthrough in the near future, and all citizens will touch it, with the arrival of the announced support from the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. In the interim capital, Aden, to review the progress of work and the bank’s plans and programs to control the stability of the national currency exchange rate in the context of promoting integration between fiscal and monetary policy, according to the official Yemeni news agency “Saba”. The government from the leadership of the Central Bank to an explanation about the plans and programs of the bank in the use and employment of the support provided by the brothers in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, in order to help achieve stability in the currency exchange rate and control inflation rates, according to the best transparent and governance applications, in addition to strengthening the bank’s external reserves in a way that it can To meet the existing commitments and challenges and Expected.