Zelensky to the West: Hurry up with weapons before the Donbass is destroyed

Zelensky to the West: Hurry up with weapons before the Donbass is destroyed

In conjunction with the intensification of battles between Russian and Ukrainian forces in Donbass, eastern Ukraine, on the 120th day of the conflict between the two countries,

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Western countries to speed up the delivery of weapons to his country.

And he called in a video speech published today, Thursday, Kyiv’s allies to expedite the shipment of heavy weapons to it in order to balance Russia on the battlefield.

A much faster pace

He also stressed the need to liberate all lands The Ukrainian, saying, “We must liberate our land and achieve victory, but at a much faster pace.” The entire Donbass step by step, and he added, “This is why we have repeatedly emphasized the need to speed up the delivery of arms to Ukraine, in order to achieve parity in the battlefield with the utmost speed against the Russians, and to stop these savage crowds and push them beyond our borders,” as he put it.

Focus on Severodonetsk and Lesechansk

This call comes as Severodonetsk and Lesechansk cities witness Aso The battles are in a fierce war of attrition that has been going on for days in the Donbass.

While hundreds of civilians are still trapped in the Azot chemical plant in Pseverodnetsk, where fighting is still raging between Russian and Ukrainian forces for control of the city The bombing caused massive damage.

Moscow had previously confirmed that it had taken control of the city, and that Kyiv's forces had become besieged in Severodonetsk, which was the scene of the fiercest battles in recent times, demanding the fighters But the governor of Luhansk yesterday denied these allegations, and told Ukrainian television that the battles are continuing” and that “Russian forces do not fully control” the city.

iStock – Donbass Territory of Eastern Ukraine

A war of attrition

Also in Lysekhansk, pro-Moscow separatists asserted that the Ukrainians were besieged and cut off from supplies after the capture On a road connecting the city with the town of Severus, according to what was reported yesterday by the TASS news agency.

While Oleksiy Aristovich, Zelensky’s advisor, declared that the fight is continuing, and that “it is like two boxers wrestling in the eighteenth round of the match and can barely push things forward,” referring to the balance of power in the fighting fronts, which indicates the presence of Battles of attrition.

It is noteworthy that Russia, which launched in late March the second phase of its military operation on Ukrainian territory, seeks to control the entire Donbass Basin, after separatists took control of some of its parts. It was established in 2014, with the aim of opening a land corridor connecting the east with the Crimea, which it annexed to its lands in the same year.