“Zero Hour”…mysterious leaflets in central Baghdad hinting at demonstrations

“Zero Hour”…mysterious leaflets in central Baghdad hinting at demonstrations

While the political scene in Iraq is dominated by ambiguity and anticipation , after the resignation of the representatives of the Sadrist movement, the largest bloc in Parliament, Mysterious leaflets were found in the streets of the capital, during the past hours..

Many of those papers that were distributed in the streets of Baghdad were written on the “zero hour” and “the storm is coming.” , according to what was reported by Al-Arabiya information.

While activists reported that these expressions indicate preparations for the emergence of large demonstrations in Iraq in the coming days, and perhaps on Friday.

Meeting of political forces

, especially that the distribution of leaflets took place, yesterday evening, Tuesday, after a meeting of the emerging forces that were formed after the demonstrations that took place. Two years ago, a group of new political forces emanating from the Tishreen movement met and presented the most prominent elements of their vision for a political solution, the most important of which is the formation of a national salvation government and the change of the Electoral Commission and the election law, in preparation

Obscure publications in Baghdad

Those forces also called on the political parties to give priority to the language of dialogue and to stay away from weapons.

Difficult choices

However, the Coordination Framework Forces (which includes parties loyal to Iran) also confirmed yesterday, after it appeared that the largest bloc had become, as a result of the resignation of the Sadrist bloc, which includes 73 deputies, that the issue of dissolving Parliament and holding new parliamentary elections is not Currently on the table.

It is noteworthy that the resignation of the deputies of the Sadrist movement, led by Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, put opponents and allies in the country before difficult choices. Many analysts have seen that any government without al-Sadr will be “deadborn”, considering that the issue of forming a new government will not be easy at all, according to the Associated Press. While others suggested that this unprecedented mass withdrawal of members of the Sadr bloc from Parliament for the first time since 2005, would lead to widespread demonstrations in the street.

Faced with these bitter options, The Iraqis find themselves in the same predicament that began after the elections on the tenth of last October (2021) and continues to this day, without a government or a president. new, while the economic and living crisis puts pressure on them.